Bymount East State School.

Approximately 500 km west of Brisbane, in the cattle country just beyond Roma, is a small farming community. At the heart of the community is an even smaller school which recently celebrated it's 75th anniversary - Bymount East Primary School. In the early days the Bymount school moved around to wherever the community needed it most. These days it has more solid foundations and a cohort of 10 students under the guidance of teacher principal Mr Orford; a young teacher from the city. 

Many of the residents of Bymount went to Bymount East SS themselves and are now watching their own kids grow up there. The school's role is more than just a place for the kids to learn, but a foundation for the whole community to gather around and support each other. 

This is a reflective story told by the people for whom Bymount East is so important, including Mr Orford, who along with his own young family has made the transition from city teacher to country principal, learning much about the charms and challenges of country life along the way. 




Short Video: Get Out of Town

Timelapse photography of the amazing night sky above in the granite belt area shot during a weekend stay near Stanthorpe in South East QLD .  Best viewed in HD!