Food Photography at Spring Restaurant in Brisbane CBD

In October, I have been shooting for Spring Food and Wine, in Brisbane's CBD. I've been working with the restaurant's head chef, Ray Offler, to showcase some of his new menu creations currently being served. We've been shooting inside the restaurant using different surfaces and textures to create some atmospheric settings for the dishes, and channeling Spring's signature style.

Bymount East State School Project

Back in May this year, I travelled out to a small community called Bymount East, which is about 500kms west of Brisbane, and about 80 kms north of Roma on the road to Carnarvon Gorge.

I was traveling with Annabelle Kumar and Reuben Staines  to photograph and record video of the kids and staff at Bymount East State School on request of the teaching principal, Ben Orford. There are just 10 students at this school and this year they are celebrating 70 years since the school started. 

Bymount East is Cattle Country. Their are only a handful of farming families in the area and many of the parents went to the primary school when they were kids.  The school sits on the side of a long stretch of road that carries enormous trucks that tear past at 110km/hr. If you blink you can easily miss it. 

We spent three days at Bymount East getting to know some of the families, their kids and the staff at the school, and recording some of their stories. Now, here is the completed video - a time capsule for those at Bymount East.



Jeremy Veitch: Video and Stills, Editor

Reuben Staines: Editor, Sound Recordist, Original Music

Annabelle Kumar: Producer, Interviewer. 


Compass Housing Shoot

This week we got to meet David (above)  and Jason who both receive support for Compass Housing Services, an NGO which provides secure and affordable housing for low to moderate income earning households, as well as housing products for disadvantaged people who have difficulties sourcing adequate and affordable accommodation.

Both David and Jason have experienced some tough times in the recent past but are getting back on their feet with the help of Compass. They're both great characters and they were great sports to agree to pose for Compass's website and next annual report.